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Step-by-step guide to withdrawing funds from
  1. 1.
    From the wallet page, click "Remove"
Wallet Page
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    Input your withdrawal amount and preferred withdrawal network. For example, if you want to withdraw your fund on zkSync Era network, select it in the drop-down menu.
Withdrawal Menu
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    After clicking "next", you will be requested for a signature to verify the withdrawal request. Please note this signature is only valid for 20 seconds. Please sign it within 20 seconds. This signature helps secure the withdrawal, ensuring you initiate the withdrawal request.
Metamask Signature
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    After the signature, the system will quote different withdrawal plans according to the current gas prices across different networks. In this example, there are 2 withdrawal plans available, Direct withdrawal and Fractional Withdrawal. For direct withdrawal, the requested funds can all be withdrawn on the preferred network. For fractional withdrawal, funds will be withdrawn across different networks. Different withdrawal plans have different fees and times, respectively.
Withdrawal Plan Selection
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    (a) if you have selected Direct withdrawal, your funds will be sent to your address only in your preferred network.
Direct Withdrawal
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    (b) if you have selected Fractional Withdrawal, your funds will be sent to your address across different networks.
Fractional Withdrawal
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    After clicking "Continue Withdrawal", please sign the withdrawal request in Metamask
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    (a) For "Fractional Withdrawal", you are required to sign multiple signatures across different networks to confirm the withdrawal.