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Metamask Setup

For users who has no Metamask installed
If you have not yet installed Metamask, you can install it in two ways:
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    After installing Metamask, follow the prompts to create an Ethereum wallet.
If you have not used Metamask before, here is a quick guide:
1. Click “Get Started”
Get Started
2. You can create a wallet in two ways.
If you have recovery phrases from a previous wallet, click “Import Wallet”.
If you want to create a new wallet, click "Create a Wallet".
Create a Wallet
3. You will be asked for privacy settings, feel free to choose either one based on your personal preferences.
Privacy Settings
4. Create a password to secure your wallet.
Create a Password
5. You will be shown a recovery phrase which contains 12 words. Please keep these words in a safe location and do not show it to anyone. We recommend saving them in a non-digital format (e.g. writing them down on a paper) to keep the recovery phrase in a higher security level. If you lose this recovery phrase, you will no longer be able to access the funds in your wallet in case of any incidents (e.g. deleting the browser add-on).
Revealing Secret Recovery Phrase
6. You will be asked to select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct. (Do not show the 12 words to anyone, this picture is for demonstration purposes only.)
Confirm Secret Recovery Phrase
7. Hurray! You have successfully created an Ethereum wallet in Metamask. Next you will be directed to the wallet page.