↕️Long/Short-Automated Market Maker (L/S-AMM)

Sat.is deploys a groundbreaking mechanism in providing liquidity for the exchange - the Long/Short Automated Market Maker (L/S-AMM). This modified version of AMM aims to address the pain points of traditional AMMs, particularly impermanent loss and the need to provide liquidity for both tokens in every trading pair. By utilizing L/S-AMM, liquidity providers (LPs) can gain high real yields for their capital while benefiting from zero impermanent loss. The L/S-AMM also offers the option to leverage up to 5X, providing traders with enhanced trading potential and profitable opportunities. This innovative approach to liquidity provision effectively balances and deepens liquidity for both sides of the book, and users can earn yields in stablecoins, further enhancing their trading experience on the Sat.is platform.

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