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Network Configuration

Configure your metamask wallet to connect to the available networks
Ethereum Mainnet and zkSync Era are supported in Mainnet Alpha. Below are step-by-step guides to configure your metamask to the supported network.
When you connect your wallet to our site, you will be asked which network you want to connect.
Network Selection Menu
If zkSync Era was not added in metamask previously, you would be prompted to add the network into metmask. Click the 'Approve' button.
Add zkSync Era Mainnet
After adding the network, you will be prompted to switch to the network. Click the 'Switch Network' button.
Alternatively, you can change the network inside the metmask app. Click the network menu.
Network Menu
Select the network that you want to switch to. The screenshot shows an example of switching from zkSync Era Mainnet to the Ethereum Mainnet.
Select Ethereum Mainnet