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System Gain and Losses

If the position is liquidated at an amount better than the bankruptcy price. The extra funds will be added to the Insurance Fund.
If the position is unable to be liquidated at the bankruptcy price, will deploy the Insurance Funds on aggressing the position in the market in an attempt to close it. If the liquidation order is still opened, an Auto Deleveraging (ADL) event will occur.
Consider the following example:
A long contract at $100.00
Liquidation price: $99.50
Bankruptcy price: $99.00
Trader A under the above situation, is liquidated. The liquidation algorithm places a limit sell order with a limit price of $99 (bankruptcy price). The liquidation order is filled at $99.25. The extra $0.25 goes into the Insurance Fund.
Later on, Trader B, under the same situation, is liquidated and the liquidation algorithm places a limit sell order at the limit price $98.75. If this order is filled at $98.75, the available Insurance Fund of $0.25 is utilized to compensate for the loss. ADL is prevented and the Insurance Fund is left with $0.