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Edit Position

Guide to Edit your Position in different pages
1. At the "Trade" and "Portfolio" page, you can change your margin, leverage, and close your position.
Portfolio Page
2(a). To market close your position, press "Market", metamask will pop up a window to confirm the transaction
Market Order Close Position
2(b). To limit close your position, press "Limit", after filling in the price and position size, press "Confirm" and confirm the transaction in metamask.
Limit Order Close Position
3. To edit your margin, click the pencil icon in the Margin column. You can either Add or Remove Margin according to your available balance.
Edit Margin
4. To change your leverage level, click the pencil icon in the Leverage column. The leverage range is between 1 to 100.
Set Leverage
5. To change your risk limit, switch to the “Risk Limit” tab. Slide the bar to change your risk limit. The range of Maintenance Margin and Initial Margin are 0.5% - 5.5% and 1% - 6% respectively.
Risk Limit