Step-by-step guide to trading on Beta Testnet in "Market" tab

Step-by-step Guide

1. Head to to trade.
2. Connect your wallet.
Market list
3. If you haven’t added any one of the testnets to your Metamask, a Metamask pop-out will request you to add it. Click “Approve to add Testnet.
Approving adding Testnet
4. Press “Switch Network” to switch to Testnet.
Click "Switch network"
5. Add funds (USDT & USDC) into the smart contract by pressing “Add”, then follow the instructions. If you are adding USDT / USDC for the first time, you will have to approve the token first before signing the transaction to add funds.
[Similar steps apply when removing USDT & USDC]
5a. When you are adding funds to your wallet on a network for the first time, you will see your available amount is 0 (even though you already got faucet).
Network Selection
Despite the 0 available amount, you can continue to select the desired network and input the amount, you will then be asked to increase the transfer limit. Once approved, your available amount should be displayed properly.
Increase Transfer Limit
6. At the “Market” tab, select the trading pair that you want to trade.
Market List
7. Make your trade!
  • Click “Buy” to open a long position or “Sell” to open a short position.
  • Choose your order type and insert your position size and leverage.
Trade Page
8. Confirm transaction on Metamask.
9. Your order will appear in the "Trade History" tab.
Trade History