Get Faucet Tokens via Twitter

For users to get faucet via Twitter

Getting the test tokens: Head to, follow the steps to get test tokens.

Faucet will be sent to your wallet very soon. However, if you cannot see the faucet in your wallet, there are a few steps you can take.
1. Have you added different testnets in Metamask?
To do so, you can go to Metamask’s Settings, Networks, Add a network, and fill in the network details.
For Beta Testnet, we support the below networks:
  • Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
  • Arbitrum Testnet
  • Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  • zkSync alpha testnet
  • Avalanche FUJI C-Chain
  • Boba Testnet
  • Optimism Goerli Testnet
For testnet details, please refer to​
2. Have you switched the Metamask network to the correct testnet?
If not, you can switch the network on the upper right corner in Metamask.
3. If it still does not show on your wallet, please import the token by clicking "Import tokens" button.
For USDT & USDC token contract addresses on different testnets, please refer to the faucet page. After filling in the token contract address, Metamask will automatically fill in other fields. Lastly, press "Add Custom Token", then the token should appear in your wallet.
4. If it still does not appear, please ask directly in Discord #testnet-inquiries.